Bucharest – 780 Bus Service from City Centre to Airport

And so, back to the airport…. It’s not too long a bus journey back to the airport, it takes around 50 minutes from the city centre.

For those leaving from Gara de Nord railway station, the bus stop to the airport is at the red dot. It’s not amazingly signed when there, but there is a timetable on the little ticket office (well, ticket shed) door. Many people will already have a ticket as, generally, you can only buy a return from the airport (although two people can use the ticket at the same time instead of one person using it twice), which is what I’d done. For those who haven’t got a ticket, it needs to be purchased at the shed door before boarding, I’m fairly sure that the bus driver can’t sell tickets. After boarding, it’s essential to validate the ticket on the, well, validator.

For those not paying attention there is the potential for error as the airport bus goes by Aurel Vlaicu Airport, which is no longer in use for scheduled flights. I did see two people getting out with big bags, either they knew what they were doing, or they’d got off at the wrong airport. The city’s main airport is Henri Coandă International Airport at Otopeni, which is the last stop on the bus route so it’d be hard to miss it. In a few years, this bus isn’t likely to be the best way to get to and from the city centre, the Metro system is being extended to reach the airport. But, for today, the bus turned up on time, was clean and everything ran to schedule.