Bucharest – Hotel ibis Bucharest Gare De Nord

Located near to the railway station which it takes its name from, this is a large Accor hotel and it’s ideal for the metro which is about 50 feet away. The check-in process was smooth and the staff member was pleasant and helpful, so all positive first impressions.

Very kindly, the hotel had upgraded me to a suite. I liked this.

The welcome gift. There were also around six tea bags, but these never got replaced during the week. I’m never sure of the logic of giving a few tea bags and then not replacing them, but I asked at breakfast if I could take a few, and I think they were happy if I took the entire box. But I didn’t, I have enough to carry.

The drinks voucher.

Frankly, the beer choice were dreadful and the Ursus had no discernible flavour, taste, aftertaste or indeed anything positive about it at all. A completely pointless product. It’s fair to say that I don’t like Ursus.

The breakfast selection, with a decent amount of choice. The staff did struggle some mornings keeping this stocked though, especially when larger groups all came down at once.

And here’s one of my random selection of items….

Incidentally, on that day I went back for something else leaving the tray above on the table. A staff member decided that it must be finished with, and I only just salvaged the tray back before everything on it was thrown away. I’m not quite sure why she thought someone was abandoning that much food, but there we go….

OK, as to the hotel. There were serious noise issues from the rear of the building, namely the glass recycling bin which created problematic levels of noise throughout the night. The worst problem though was the temperature in the hotel, which was set to be permanently too hot, a complete waste of the hotel’s resources in my view. I left my window open the entire time, and that only mitigated the problem with the temperature rather than completely solving it. Unfortunately, the seating area room of the suite didn’t have a window, so I didn’t spend that long in there. It’s hard to complain that I had a room in the suite that was too hot, since I didn’t pay for that extra space, but it was a shame. The hotel needs better air conditioning, but it’s clear that the building is due for a refurbishment, so perhaps it’ll be added at that point.

Anyway, cleanliness was excellent throughout and the staff were always helpful and friendly. For the price, which was around £25 per night including breakfast as part of the Black Friday offer, I was suitably impressed. All rather lovely.