Bucharest Trip – Day 1 : No Room Taproom


I think it would be fair to say that this proved to be a memorable bar visit and all for the right reasons. It became apparent very soon why the venue has the name that it does and it relates to the reality that it has nearly no space inside to sit. However, the welcome was immediate, engaging and warm, so the atmosphere was inviting. Fortunately, we also had the social butterfly Susanna who was merrily chatting to the local couple who were sitting on the only two stools in the venue. There’s also a window ledge to sit on and there’s a small amount of outdoor seating as well.


The beer selection, which was well presented and ridiculously large given how small the venue was. It was all quirky and I liked that.


This is the Dystopian Future pastry stout, a beautiful beer which had vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon and was rich and decadent. I was enthusing about this beer to the owner and he mentioned that the brewer had just come in.


I then bored the brewer by telling him how good his beer was. To be fair, he was probably rather pleased with that situation. The owner of the bar runs Maktoob Brewing, so I made sure I had a couple of his beers. Both were very credible, the Postcard from Iguaza IPA and the Azulejos NEIPA, he certainly knows what he’s doing.


We were then told that it was something of a spooky expedition to visit the venue’s toilet. And it was certainly one of the most intriguing visits that I’ve had, with another customer leading the way to show us where to go as it was far from obvious and involved walking down the street and down into a cellar. It’s not how these things normally work, but there we go.


Steve was merrily videoing the whole arrangement.


And it reminded me of the trek to the toilets at JD Wetherspoon….


But with a bit more jeopardy.


This was a marvellous end to a rather exciting first evening, the start of the exploration of craft beer in Bucharest as that’s really what the whole group is here for. There were some lovely customers, the service was impeccable and the selection of beers was outstanding for the size of the venue. This one is definitely worth popping in to visit for anyone in Bucharest who wants to try some locally made craft beer.