Bucharest Trip – Day 2 : Museum of Art


As is usual for me in museums and galleries, I took around 200 photos on my way around. I have visited this museum before in February 2020 and there are plenty of posts about it already (I know that there are missing photos in the earlier posts, I’m steadily linking them back in, although the images are at http://pictures.julianwhite.uk/). I’ll be adding some more, but firstly, just a quick summary of events.

There are three floors to the museum, although the second floor is relatively small. The second floor is also where Bev decided to have an argument with one of the helpful staff, but I just walked a fair distance behind in case the staff member thought I knew her. The museum opened in 1953 with the building having previously been used as the official residence of the Monarch. It was set on fire in 1989 during the overthrow of the dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu, but was later repaired and reopened to the public. There are substantial collections of medieval art, much of which comes from the monasteries that Ceaușescu closed down around Romania.


Bev and Steve discussing the exhibits. I spent a long time in this museum last time I visited, with Susanna this time clearly looking to break my record as I’m sure she would have stayed all day. However, she could see Steve sitting down looking at his phone, and Bev was getting slightly temperamental, so Susanna selflessly offered to leave after a visit of just a few hours.


It is a marvellous museum and the entrance price is cheap as well. When I get chance, I’ll be posting more of my fascinating posts about artworks that I liked, but realistically know nothing about. Not that I let that stop me…… Anyway, I can’t say that it was particularly busy which seemed a shame for a national institution, but it is November and perhaps people have other things on their minds. The on-line reviews for the museum are very positive and the staff member at the reception desk was helpful and welcoming. Oh, and I will fix the missing images on the older blog posts at some stage. This bloody blog has proved a challenge to keep going, but I can’t let my two loyal readers down.