Bucharest Trip – Day 1 : Ironic Taproom


Second on Bev’s list of places to go in the evening was Ironic Taproom, a craft beer and burger bar.


The venue’s beer list and I must admit that I didn’t understand the departures and arrivals board. I’m not sure whether that was part of some theme or they were indicating which beers weren’t on yet. Interestingly, they’re card only which is seems to be part of a shift in Bucharest away from cash. The pricing is per 100ml which is a different way of doing it which I had to think about briefly, but I can see why they’d do it like that. The service was friendly and immediate, with an inviting and on-trend atmosphere internally.


The open kitchen area. Customers need to visit the separate till here if they want to order food, with the customer name written down and shouted out when the meal is ready. I was pleased to note that my name was spelled correctly, although I looked up the Romanian version and it’s Iulian which isn’t much different.


The burger menu. In terms of prices, just divide by five and take a little bit off to get the English equivalent. However, before I go onto the beer and food situation, I had better apologise to the people of Romania about Bev. I was quite content with the seating that we had at the bar, but we got ourselves a table which transpired to be already taken. I would have happily have just gone back to the seating at the bar, but Bev was most certain that the two people should have made it clearer that they had reserved the table. To be fair, they should have done, as the venue was at near capacity and they hadn’t made it clear. Anyway, Bev had a little moan, the guy took Steve’s drink (by mistake I’d add) and they wandered off. Everyone in our group was content with that situation, other than Steve who had lost a drink and I’m not sure that he’d even put it on Untappd. Anyway, back to the main event.


Firstly, the beer, that’s Crazy Peach which is brewed by Ironic themselves. It wasn’t overly sour and it didn’t have a huge depth of taste, but there were plenty of peaches and the flavours were pleasant. Secondly, the Korean Burger, that was excellent with a meaty and rich flavour, a soft roll which complemented it well and Parmesan fries. I was suitably impressed by this, all told a reasonably priced evening meal for our first night.

Bev golloped her burger down and I noticed that when Susanna was waving her burger about in the air that Bev nearly went for it, as I’m sure she wanted another one. She then went to order cheesecake, which I think she thought was acceptable. Returning to the burgers though, I think all five of us were suitably impressed with them. All told, this was another very positive visit and although we went at a busy time, the service was always prompt and pro-active.