Bucharest Trip – Day 3 : Cărturești Carusel


It’s no secret that I like bookshops and books, although to the point that I try to avoid buying any more books to protect myself from the mass purchases that I’ve accidentally made in previous years. Collecting something smaller such as postcards or stamps might have made more sense, but there we go, there’s something exciting about books.


I think it’s fair to note that this is something quite special in terms of interiors.


I wouldn’t mind a front room like this. I wonder if my civil engineer friend Liam could do me something like this in my little flat.


Beautiful. The building was constructed in the early twentieth century as the headquarters of the Chrissoveloni Bank, but it fell into disrepair by the beginning of the twenty-first century. This magical transformation has made the building one of the more notable tourists sites in the city and it was evidently popular when we visited with many people taking photos. I’m not sure how many were buying books, but it’s been trading for several years so they’re clearly doing enough trade.


There’s a cafe on the top floor, but Bev was busy charging into the male toilet breaking all Romanian protocol. Steve and I didn’t say anything of course, we don’t get involved other than apologising to the local staff for her charging about.


It seemed only polite to stay for a latte and it gave Thim and Susanna chance to catch up with our little group. The coffee was reasonably priced and tasted rather pleasant and we ended up staying for an hour when we verged into the subject of politics. I, of course, had something to say about that, but that’s not really relevant for this blog.