Bucharest – The Coffee Shop

This small chain of coffee shops has outlets primarily in Romania, but it also now has a presence in Hungary and Bulgaria. It’s not the most innovative of shop names, but at least it’s descriptive I suppose. This shop is the one on Strada Academiei, in the Old Town area of Bucharest.

There was a friendly welcome from someone stacking the shelves when I entered, with the staff member serving at the counter also smiling and seeming being keen to engage. Unfortunately, his English was just a little limited and my Romanian isn’t quite fluent, but we were doing well until he asked what type of bean I wanted. I asked for a rich or dark coffee bean, primarily as I don’t really know anything about coffee, and fortunately another staff member in the shop overheard and was able to decipher me and was able to suggest the Burundi bean.

And the coffee was absolutely delicious, rich, chocolately and smooth. It’s not a large cafe, primarily two tables by the windows and a longer table at the rear, but there was a relaxed feel to the environment and it felt like a welcoming place to be. The cafe was also spotlessly clean and the coffee itself was well presented. If I see any of this company’s other outlets in the future, I’m sure that I’ll pop in.