Bonn – Haribo Shop

Unfortunately, this shop was closed during the time that we were in Bonn. But it’s the first Haribo shop in the world, two floors of sweet related goodness. Haribo was founded in the city in 1920, so we may have to come back next year to help them celebrate their one hundredth anniversary.

Since on this occasion we couldn’t visit, since it was shut, I’ll have to content myself to seeing what I could have won…..

“On a sales area of ​​around 350 square meters, the entire HARIBO range, including the MAOAM brand, is offered on the ground floor. One highlight is definitely the big candy bar, where you can put together individual product mixtures yourself. The selection of international confectionery of our house is a real eye-catcher. In addition, HARIBO’s entire success story, including interesting facts and figures, can be traced on a historical wall on the lower floor.

On the first floor you will find a selection of likeable merchandise for small and large HARIBO fans. Starting with HARIBO pens, HARIBO towels and bed linen to fluffy plush gold bears, there’s something here for everyone!”

How very lovely.