Bingley – Library Tap

Unfortunately, the two Good Beer Guide listed pubs in Bingley were closed (one was meant to be open but wasn’t) so I decided that I liked the name of this pub, the Library Tap which is operated by Amber Taverns. I specifically mean the library bit, the tap element seems a little odd in this pub’s instance as I had checked CAMRA’s Whatpub and it didn’t seem to sell anything much that I’d associate with a pub with the word ‘tap’ in it….

It’s a large building and this floor was once used by the town council with the library downstairs, but then the library took over the entire building.

There’s an upper area at the rear and it made me think that this would make a really nice library…. The actual library is in a building around the corner and was one of the quirkiest library set-ups that I’ve seen, but I won’t linger on that now.

Half a pint of Tetley’s bitter and a pack of decadent Scampi Fries were keenly priced and the service was friendly and helpful. There was a fairly relaxed atmosphere and this is quite a substantially sized pub, although they don’t do food and I’m surprised that this is financially viable given that and the cheap prices for drink. They do show a lot of sport, perhaps they get a chunk of money from that.

Anyway, clean and organised, although a limited real ale selection of the very average Wainwright from Marstons and the acceptable Tetley’s bitter.