Athens – L’ Arrêt Du Temps

Lunch today in Athens was at this little French restaurant which looked quite charming from the outside.

The interior of the restaurant which remained busy during my visit. I was welcomed promptly and the environment was clean and comfortable. The service was always friendly and the waitress was conversational and engaging, it was all rather relaxing.

A little glass of white wine. I’m no wine expert, but it tasted entirely passable.

Brunch, which as I’ve said elsewhere, is very middle class of me. The meal was well presented and the green leaves were lifted by the sauce, and the egg was perfectly cooked. There was also sausage, tomato and feta cheese which all went beautifully together. The sausage tasted fine, although it didn’t have the depth of flavour that it perhaps could have done. But as a lunch-time meal, this was all very lovely and the dish was well seasoned.

I noticed that there are some negative reviews of this restaurant because they don’t let dogs in. It seems staggering to me that someone would seek to damage someone’s business on-line solely because they are politely told that they couldn’t bring their dog in, which is inevitably not to everyone’s liking. On this, given the location and atmosphere, I agree with the restaurant, this doesn’t feel like a setting suitable for dogs.

The meal and wine came to around £10, which given the location and the environment seemed fair to me. All very lovely.