Athens – Styl & Cafe

This coffee shop is in a central location in Athens and on a hot Sunday afternoon (although I think most Sunday afternoons are hot in Athens) it seemed particularly busy.

Some people like to sit outside and enjoy the excitement of that, but I’m quite happy to sit inside and not be attacked by insects or have to dodge people selling bloody lottery tickets. And even more challenging are the people who come and perform some form of music near the table and I’m not sure whether they’re wanting money as a reward for their efforts or as blackmail for them to stop making noise.

Quirky interior, although this now seems to be almost expected for cafes. I thought I had misunderstood the ordering process as I wasn’t approached at the table for a while, but it was just because the staff member was busy which was a relief (I mean it was a relief that I understood the service style, not a relief that the staff member was busy). The service remained friendly and warm throughout whilst not being unnecessarily effusive.

Another latte, at the appropriate temperature and with the depth of taste that I demand. Well, I don’t demand at all, just hope for.

For someone who didn’t drink coffees a few years ago, I’m doing well on this now. I also liked the biscuit that came with it, but I’m easily pleased with free snacks that come with coffee. And there were also a handful of Jelly Candy sweets made by Oscar (it’s a company, not a individual) and these have appeared several times over the last few days. I’m going to investigate buying a big bag of them, they are the most delightful of sweets….