2022 US Trip – Day 8 (Electric Circus Taco Bar in Williamsburg)


This taco bar is one of the food outlets located at the Precarious Beer Project in Colonial Williamsburg. You order the tacos at their outlet and they give you a buzzer to collect the food when it’s ready, meaning that you can then sit anywhere in the venue. I choose to go back to sit at the bar with my beers, but I can’t imagine that coming as much of a surprise. This whole food and drink arrangement feels on-trend without being formulaic, which is a difficult balance to get sometimes, but the staff were welcoming and it all felt informal and relaxed.

I went with the Circus Shrimp and the Spicy Chorizo tacos and they well presented and that lime created a handy zesty finish, with the ingredients being of a high quality. Lots of flavour from the shrimp and chorizo, although they were a little small and something larger would have been even more delicious. I adore jalapenos and am always pleased when they’re generously served to add some extra heat and texture to the food. Refreshing though, they went well with my IPA, despite being slightly awkward to eat without making a mess.