2022 US Trip – Day 32 (Malahide to Dublin Airport)


We’re in the final few posts of this US trip, woooo!!! This is St. Sylvester’s Catholic Church in Malahide, but a bus came just as I was taking the photo. As it was so wet, I thought I’d have a photo of a church and a bus….. My 24 hour Leap ticket allowed me to use buses and trains, so I realised it was just as quick to get off the train at Malahide and then get the 102 bus to the airport directly rather than going into central Dublin. I was going to explore in Dublin for a short while, but the rain was so heavy that I decided against that plan.


I would say that I timed it well, but Google Maps has to take most of the credit for that. This means I spent under ten minutes in Malahide, so there’s not much that I can write about that. However, Wikipedia tells me that “it is situated about 10 miles north of Dublin city centre and is known for its scenic beauty, historic castle, and marina, as well as Malahide Castle, which dates back to the 12th century”. Maybe I’ll get to go there at some point in the future…


Finally in the warm and dry, going directly to Dublin Airport. I was impressed at the Leap Visitor card, it was affordable and so all of my travel for the 24 hours, including to and from the airport, was covered by the one ticket.