New York City

2022 US Trip – Day 3 (Resonating Bodies)


Something a little different, this is a pair of bronze sculptures designed by the British artist Tony Cragg. They’re located at one of the entrances to Battery Park which is located at the southern tip of Manhattan. My friend Nathan might remember that we saw Cragg’s artwork Mean Average in Bonn a couple of years ago, although I didn’t really understand that one.


At the rear is a tuba and in the foreground is a lute, with the New York parks authority noting:

“This playful work is based on the concept that all physical bodies, including ourselves, are constantly enveloped by various energy forms from heat, light, sound, and gravity to magnetic waves, x-waves, even radio and TV signals.”

It’s quite a nice metaphor in this busy part of the city and one of the great things about New York is the energy that is all around.