2022 US Trip – Day 10 (Hunt for Levi’s)


One thing that I had intended to do in the United States was to get a new pair, or indeed two pairs, of Levi’s jeans from the outlet stores that they have across the country. However, the downwards spiral of the pound meant that any price advantage in buying them in the United States was lost, so I decided to just visit Ross Dress for Less (similar to TK Maxx in the UK, or indeed TJ Maxx in the US) to see what they had. To my surprise and slight delight (I don’t really ever get delighted clothes shopping, it’s just an annoying waste of time) they had numerous end of line jeans from Levi’s for about $25, or just over £20. Well, that was marvellous, I just got one pair, but ended up paying a chunk less than I would have done from the outlet centre.

The photo above shows the large size of the store and hints at the rather erratic state of affairs in terms of presentation. Their changing rooms were also all closed, but a helpful staff member went to open one for me, but the moral of this story is never underestimate Ross Dress for Less….