2022 US Trip – Day 10 (Crank Arm Brewing Company in Raleigh)


I only had one day in Raleigh and also needed to get to my hotel as it was about to get dark, but I felt the need to quickly test one well reviewed brewery out, which is Crank Arm Brewing Company. It’s a bright and cheerful place, with the staff being helpful and friendly.


There’s the beer list, but they did a beer flight with smaller quantities of beer which allowed me to try more of them. And extra points for the Untappd screen and their beer list on the app.


And there are my options for anyone remotely interested.



The brewing equipment all added to the atmosphere and integrity of the venue.



And they’ve gone heavily with the bike theme, as can be seen with the array of them hanging on the wall, and also appropriate given that they’re in Raleigh.


As one of my occasional reminders, all the beer I’ve tried is listed at https://untappd.com/user/julwhite. I was surprised and delighted with the quality of these beers, they were all decent, but the Attack Position which is the imperial stout at the rear was the best of the lot. Rich, decadent, chocolatey, notes of vanilla and it’s 11% wasn’t too apparent. I very much enjoyed this visit, it was a laid-back and comfortable atmosphere and I liked people watching from the bar. And also, extra marks for the excellent presentation of that cog thing, or whatever it’s called (Liam will know as both an engineer and a bike obsessed person).