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200 Years Ago in Norwich : Died by the Visitation of God

As part of my random series of posts from newspapers of 200 years ago, this article appeared in the Norwich Mercury in October 1823. I can’t say that the subject matter is particularly humorous, although I can’t imagine that I will upset any of his descendants given the passage of time, but I quite liked the style of how the proceedings were written up.

“An inquiry was held at Lakenheath, on Sunday last, by Mr. Wayman, Coroner, upon Mr. William Roper, aged 78, a respectable farmer of that place, who, after eating a very hearty breakfast, and having been previously in good health, dropped down and expired immediately. Verdict – Died by the Visitation of God”.

This “Visitation of God” is really just died of natural causes, but it was a relatively common description used during the early nineteenth century. It’s an intriguing turn of phrase nonetheless…..