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Streets of Norwich – Goldsworths Buildings

Part of my Streets of Norwich project…. (updated in October 2023)


I’m not entirely sure that there’s much of a street here, but there is a road name visible, so that’ll do for me.


That road name visible in the previous photo is located on the Red Lion pub, but I wonder if it originally more described that row of buildings above the pub on this map from 1900. These buildings have since been demolished and the site is now used as the pub’s car park.


Here’s the Red Lion, currently boarded up, although it was closed before the Covid-19 situation.


This road seems to me to still be Bishopgate on maps, so it seems that the modern-day Goldsworths Buildings road is really now just the Red Lion pub and its car park. The landlord of the pub between 1842 and 1845 was James Goldsworth jr, so I have this idea that he built the properties by the pub and named them after himself. I have no evidence of this, but it makes for a nice story, so I’m going with it.