Camping – Day 0 (Bloody Camping)

Firstly, and most important news, there’s phone signal here, so life will have some sort of normality.

Secondly, I’ve been reminded how bloody stressful tents are. I laid out all the pieces of Liam’s tent on the floor, then gave up immediately as it was too difficult. After swearing and demanding attention from the others, it slowly started to take shape. Richard’s palace sized tent behind was erected and cast a shadow over my tent, although it soon got dark anyway so it didn’t much matter.

So, we’re now drinking beer (thanks to Steve who brought some as apparently we can’t go to the pub tonight) and it’s quite peaceful. Well, it’s not in my tent, I can see that half of the Derbyshire moth population is inside it, I’m leaving that crisis until later. I’m also pitched on quite a small piece of land, so my doorway leads into a bush and it’s all a bit hilly.

This is most stressful. What I need now is a lovely Accor hotel with a welcome drink, a door, an en-suite bathroom, a window and not having to my own roof up. I’ve mentioned this several times and I imagine I’ll mention it several more times. The others are chatting away now, but I needed to get this urgent blog post up…..