Warsaw – Piw Paw Beer Heaven

I’m not quite sure how I haven’t got to this place of beer heaven on previous trips to Warsaw, I probably just got distracted elsewhere…. But, it’s a location that I should have been to as it has a reputation for being one of the best bars in the city.

And above are a lot of photos of the interior, as it is quite mesmerising with all of the bottle tops on the walls. The staff member was friendly and welcoming, explaining (in excellent English, which was handy) the three darker beers that they had. I didn’t actually realise at the time, but there’s a full list of drinks at http://piw-paw.ontap.pl/, which shows just what a broad selection they have. This place is beautifully on-trend, but it’s been on-trend for many years, another one of those places which is effortlessly brilliant.

I went for the Smoky Joe from AleBrowar Brewery, although I forgot that I’d had this before, at one of the brewery’s own outlets in Gdynia. I checked this on Untappd, luckily I rated the beer as highly as I did in January 2020, which goes to show who needs a spreadsheet? It’s a very decent beer, with the flavour of whisky and this is the best use of that drink as far as I’m concerned.

Anyway, I very much like this bar and it was quiet, although I was there at lunch-time. It’s a large venue, although reviews suggest that it can get busy at weekends, but I’m glad that quality outlets like this do see that sort of volume of people. I didn’t order food during this visit, but they do seem to sell pizzas and they look decent in the photos on reviews. It was all relaxed and comfortable when I was there, with the bar being clean and organised. It’s one of those places I feel that I’ll need to go back to, just one visit wasn’t quite enough.