Warsaw – Warsaw Chopin Airport

Having arrived in to Warsaw with British Airways, this was the quietest that I’ve seen Warsaw Chopin airport. The immigration check was via a self-service kiosk, so I didn’t have to interact with anyone during that process.

This moderately concerned me for a while, the signs for the railway into the city centre have been taped over. It’s also fair to say that there were nearly no passengers in the terminal, it all felt a little desolate.

There’s a McDonald’s at the end of this corridor, that only had a handful of customers. It took me a while to establish what the airport had done, which wasn’t to close the train connection with the city, but simply to shut some of the connecting passages. Unusually for this very precise airport, the signage wasn’t entirely clear, but I was pleased to discover (after following some other people) that they had simply directed passengers to the trains via a different route.

I do wonder how long airports will be like this for, they seem very sterile places at the moment, although at least that means they’re clean. The airport staff were also checking the temperatures of everyone entering the terminal, which didn’t happen at London Heathrow.