Vilnius – Wingus

Located at Halle Market is Wingis Jamaican Jerk Chicken, which seemed something quite modern in a rather traditional market environment. The stall sells only chicken and fries, which seems perfectly acceptable to me. So, I went with that. I thought about having a whole chicken, but that seemed just a little excessive for lunch, so I went with the half chicken.

Service was friendly, and I was pleased to see that they accept cards, since my supplies of Euros are running low (it’s actually been running low since my visit to Latvia, since nearly everywhere accepts cards). The beer choice was limited, they only had Carlsberg, so I went with that. They did though suggest that I could always go to a neighbouring stall to collect a different beer, which was a nice touch. Although I couldn’t be bothered since I’d just sat down. Incidentally, as I was leaving there was a delivery heading for the stall of beers, so I probably only missed the better selection by a short period.

And the chicken, which was served up promptly in a silver tray. I thought that the presentation was excellent, with the chips being well salted. The chicken was tender and moist, although the garlic flavour was certainly evident. The chicken had a decent taste, although there was minimal spice to it, and I’d have ideally liked the skin to have been a bit crisper, but overall, I thought that it was a perfectly acceptable lunch.