Vilnius – Vileišis Brothers Sculpture

Located near to the Neris River is this large sculpture which was unveiled earlier in 2018, and is rather eye-catching. It commemorates the work of the Vileišis brothers and was sculpted by Regimantas Midvikis.

Hopefully I’ve got these in the right order, but I think that this is Jonas Vileišis. He was a lawyer and diplomat who lived from January 1872 until June 1942 and for ten years he was also the Mayor of Kaunas.

This is Antanas Vileišis who was a doctor in the city and he also took part in the distribution of Lithuanian material at a time when it was banned by the Soviets. He lived from October 1856 until April 1919 and is buried in the city.

Finally, if my logic works out, this is Petras Vileišis. He was an engineer and political activist, and like his brother he distributed pro-Lithuanian material. He became a wealthy individual and he was also involved in publishing newspapers in Lithuanian. He lived from January 1851 until August 1926 and he was initially buried in Kaunas, before nine years later being moved to a cemetery in Vilnius.