Trier – Galeria Kaufhof

OK, I don’t like shops or shopping (although I like shopping malls), but Trier was packed at lunch-time and I fancied a quiet snack. And I’ve discovered that department stores nearly always have cafes on their top floors, so off I headed….

The view from my table. Not quite as exciting as I had anticipated, but still rather lovely.

When in Bavaria it’s essential to have Black Forest Gateau! Actually, Trier is in the Rhineland, but it’s sort of near Bavaria. Anyway, I like Black Forest Gateau, and this was rather lovely.

There’s a slight back story to this. The cake is self-service, and I was keen to have a nice photo for this blog. So I didn’t want the slice of cake to fall over and look like a mis-shapen dollop. This was particularly difficult for me and I was watched by a staff member who seemed to think I was trying to massacre their cake. Anyway, all was well.

The table decoration. It’s always important to set the scene.