Trier – Burgeramt

If I’m in a city for any length of time I try and visit the top rated burger restaurant, and pizza restaurant if I get chance, as they’re usually exciting and innovative. In Trier at the moment, that honour appears to fall to Burgeramt (by honour I mean that they’re the top rated burger restaurant, not the honour that I’m visiting).

There’s a modern feel to the interior, clean, contemporary and interesting.

I’ve seen this in a few UK pubs, it’s quite an on-trend drink in the UK, but it is more common in Germany, which isn’t surprising since it is German….

I went for the basic chicken burger and chips and it was well presented, although the restaurant needs new crockery since it was quite chipped. The chips weren’t particularly exciting, under-salted and not very interesting, likely cooked in vegetable oil as well since they hadn’t picked up the taste of anything.

However, the burger was excellent, even though I had only ordered the basic chicken burger. The only exception to that was that the tomato was too mushy and lacking in flavour, they’d have been better off without using it. I have no idea what the onion was they used, it had an unusually sweet taste which was rather agreeable. The chicken burger itself was breaded, with the exterior being crispy, but the meat was tender, moist and full of flavour. The roll was of a decent quality and the sauce added a little edge without being too rich.

Overall it was all absolutely fine as a combined taste, although I did feel something needed doing with those chips. The service was impeccable, it’s counter service to order but the staff bring over the food, and the staff member was engaging and helpful when I ordered. Another limitation with the restaurant is that it’s small, so I got there when lunch started, just so I was able to get a table and I saw others come in and look a little forlorn at the lack of seating options.