Trier – Kaufland

Not entirely of relevance to anything, but I was very impressed at the German supermarket Kaufland. I’ve visited their branches in Poland before, and their prices are very cheap.

Anyway, I quickly checked some core products to compare the prices with the UK. They didn’t sell Greggs chicken bakes, but to be fair, only Greggs and Iceland sell those, so I couldn’t mark them down for that. They did though sell a vast array of different Haribos and an excellent selection of Milka bars.

So, the cost I’m sure everyone is desperate to know…. Is anyone actually bothered? Probably not, but anyway. The Haribos were all €0.95, which is around 85p and the Milka bars were €0.65, which is just over 50p. What a bargain…. Lucky I had a bag to put my purchases in….