Sheffield – Head of Steam

Following my visits to their pubs in Liverpool and Hull, this is my third Head of Steam in four weeks. I might as well try and get to them all over the coming few years, yet another challenge to try and meet.

The beer selection was extensive, varied and interesting. The member of bar staff was knowledgeable, helpful and I also liked that the pub offered CAMRA discount even on half pints. I opted for the Pollards Milk Stout from Thornbridge Brewery, which was beautiful, creamy in taste and full of flavour, with hints of chocolate and coffee.

The building used to be a bank, with one of their safes still visible.

I doubt Scott wants to be in a photo, but since he won’t read this, it won’t matter. Like Schrodinger’s Photo, it might not exist if you don’t know about it. Anyway, it was the glass that amused me, a special child’s glass for Scott.

A Chimay beer bottle, something a little different in terms of the decor. Although, whilst on the subject of decor, I was disappointed that there weren’t any screens as I wanted to see my name on the live Untappd feed, which is because I’m very easily pleased.

Overall, this was another very lovely pub, laid-back, fun, interesting and quirky. I also liked that the music wasn’t too loud, the building was interesting and there were plenty of different seating areas. I was confused why they had doormen on the front checking customers entering, but no-one at the back of the pub, but the atmosphere was welcoming and calm, so all seemed under control.