Ridgeway – Day 0 (Watergate)

So, Steve, Dave and I managed to navigate across London’s underground system, despite the closure of Liverpool Street Underground’s concourse and the closure of the Hammersmith & City Line. We were like a team of Michael Palins as we arrived into Paddington, ready to see if we could get some group saver tickets to Swindon. We could, so delighted at our purchases, we jumped onto the first train to Penzance.

The train to Penzance was fortunately going to Swindon, but it was a bit full. We didn’t want to wait 4 minutes for the next empty train, so we positioned ourselves near to the buffet carriages.

There was free water near to the area that we were standing. Or at least we thought it was free water, since Dave decided to hand some out to nearly the entire train.

Steve also considered walking through the train with a little basket of goods. But Dave was the natural here, tempting customers into taking two bottles of water when they probably only wanted one.

Fortunately, the train restocked at Reading, with the train crew no doubt wondering where their entire stock of sparkling and still water had disappeared to. However, we disembarked at Swindon and there was no British Transport Police, so I’m fairly sure we did nothing wrong  🙂

But in case we did, I’m calling this incident Watergate. Above is Steve monitoring the on-board replacement of water supplies at Reading.