United States

Random Post – My September 2022 Trip to the United States


Anyway, I have been absolutely inundated by people wanting to know my itinerary for my trip to the United States in a few weeks. By inundated, I mean a figure higher than zero and lower than three.

I had planned to include Las Vegas, where I always seem to end up for a few days, and Portland, which I’ve never visited and is a centre for craft beer. Unfortunately, it’s too expensive and fiddly to get across to the west coast, when my flights are to the east coast. That’ll have to be a treat for next year now….

This has left me instead with a visit to New York for a few days, before going to Richmond on the train, giving me a chance to visit Williamsburg and Jamestown for some colonial history. Then some faffing about (ie, I haven’t worked out an affordable way of doing this bit yet) to get to Charlotte for a flight to Chicago. Then it’ll be down to Carbondale, after at least two visits to Goose Island in Chicago, by train and then a couple of days later another train to Jacksonville. Then I’ll be going back to New Orleans, as I want to visit the National World War Two museum which I didn’t get chance to before. Then the train to Birmingham, for my first visit to Alabama, before a ridiculous 24.5 hour train journey back to Newark for my flight back.

What could possibly go wrong?