United States – How Exciting

I took this photo in Boston (the ones in the United States, not in Lincolnshire) in 2014, a reminder that it’s a country that spends a lot on flags….

Anyway, as pretty much every friend of mine knows as I’ve excitedly been telling everyone all evening, I’ve booked a month’s trip to the United States in 2022, flying with my favourite airline, British Airways. An unusual routing for me of Gatwick North to Tampa, but I probably won’t spend much time in Florida. I’ve got to get to Oregon, there are craft beer bars aplenty for me to explore there…..

Perhaps this won’t go ahead given the health situation, but I can dream. Came to just over £250 return, excellent value, especially as I paid a chunk of that with my remaining BA flight vouchers from previous flights I’d had to cancel. Very excited to be back in the land of dreams, God willing. Only a few weeks until my trip to Poland, so lots to look forwards to…..

And yes, I know very few people will be at all interested in this, but I’m very excited anyway, I’ve missed the United States.