Palma – Orient Bakery

The selection of pastries and cakes on display looked sufficiently tempting for me to accidentally walk in on my way by this cafe.

Everything was well presented and there was an air of organisation and professionalism to this operation.

A contemporary and modern interior, all inviting and comfortable. I did feel sorry for the staff member who had to keep chasing a pigeon out of the cafe, which seems to be a common problem for many eating establishments in central Palma. The pigeon was no idiot, it sneaked in when the staff member was busy and could see the small pieces of pastry on the floor which it wanted.

My knowledge about the pastry options in Greggs is near perfect, but my global knowledge isn’t quite to that standard. I asked what was in the pastries and the staff member explained that they had three empanadas, although I thought that they were a different shape. Anyway, my lack of pastry shape knowledge aside, they had two types of pork empanadas and one chicken empanada, so the latter sounded the best to me as it was the nearest to a chicken bake that I was getting.

The empanada was heated up and the pastry was fine, although a little tasteless, but the filling was magnificent and packed with flavour. It was moreish and well seasoned, with a depth of taste to it and with a firm texture but with the meat still being tender and moist. The coffee was also of a decent quality with a suitable bitter flavour.

The environment was all relaxing and laid-back, this has one of the most modern of interiors that I’ve seen in Palma so far, and it’s clear that they are keen to ensure that the food is all well presented. The service was timely and attentive, with the atmosphere feeling welcoming and comfortable. All very lovely.