Olsztyn – Staromiejska Kawiarnia Restauracja

Lunch-time approached and this restaurant had a pleasant view of the city’s market square and fountain, so it seemed a suitable location for me. As usual I did a little check of the restaurant’s reviews on Google, but there were no obvious problems.

I decided to go with the outdoors option today as it’s quite windy and cold, my favourite weather conditions for al fresco dining. I only encountered one wasp during my visit, so I think that I choose well. I also managed to dodge the person who decided to sit down and smoke for the best part of an hour, fortunately he sat on the other side of the terrace.

Although it’s produced by a large national brewer, Żywiec Porter is one of my favourite of the dark beers available in Poland. It has quite a strident flavour and there’s a chocolate and coffee taste to it as well.

I do like a Greek salad, and this was one of the better ones that I’ve had. There was a sauce which added positively to the dish, and primarily disguised the bland taste that lettuce offers, with the feta cheese adding calories and flavour. The onions added texture and the portion size was generous. I’m not normally one for desserts and it did feel a bit excessive to have one, but it was rather tempting. But, I managed to resist.

The service, and I’m at risk of repeating this at just about every Polish restaurant and cafe that I visit, was friendly and engaging. The cost in UK money was just under £6 for the beer and salad, which seems perfectly acceptable given the central location of the restaurant.