Olsztyn – Garrison Church of Our Lady Queen of Poland

This imposing building is located on a small hill and is formally known as the garrison church. Work started on the church in 1909 and it was completed in 1913, being at the time of Lutheran denomination.

When the city became part of Poland in 1945 this church was given to the Catholic denomination, which it remains part of today. One of the first actions undertaken was to destroy the galleries in the church, which was seen as being Lutheran, which seems rather a shame solely from an architectural view.

There were once two memorials at the front of the church to mark the loss of German lives during the First World War, although these were later removed. Also removed were the internal paintings of Germany, East Prussia and President Hindenburg, which obviously were rather out of place by 1945.

Unfortunately the church was closed when I visited, although I could peer in through the glass door. And take a photo which doesn’t really show the beauty of the interior….