Olsztyn – Warmiński Hotel

I was only staying here for one night, but the Warmiński Hotel is centrally located in Olsztyn and is of quite some size. It seems to be able to cope with both tour groups and conferences, and it all seemed efficient and clean.

The room was sufficiently modern and the air conditioning unit, some advanced thing from Samsung, was one of the best I’ve seen in a hotel. Hot drinks facilities and free bottled water were also provided. I didn’t experience any noise disturbance either internally or externally, so it was a restful night.

The view from the hotel bedroom window. I’ve had much worse.

I probably created a minor crisis in the breakfast room as I realised later on that I had shown them my room card from the previous hotel. This by chance had nearly the same room number, so I imagine that some guest turned up 30 minutes later and was told that they had already eaten…..

Anyway, there was lots of choice for breakfast, including numerous meats, cheeses, breads and cakes. The coffee was acceptable and there were around five different fruit juices, all from an automatic machine.

The cakes section. It’s also the side of the tea section, hence the lemon, that isn’t some form of specialist cake.

My little selection of food items for breakfast. The hotel is 4-star rated and so is a slightly premium price to other accommodation options in the city, with the room and breakfast costing around £30.