Olsztyn – Bobby Burger

Bobby Burgers is now a large chain in Poland with nearly one hundred outlets, but I remember visiting them in Warsaw when they just had one or two locations. I was inquisitive to see how the expansion and franchising plan is rolling out, as their growth has been pretty dramatic in the last couple of years.

There are numerous different design elements in the restaurant, with this section overlooking the courtyard at the rear. It’s all modern and on-trend, some thought has clearly gone into this.

The promotional poster on the door.

The rear half of the dining area, all clean and well maintained. The restaurant was moderately busy during my visit, although it isn’t particularly evident from these photos. The reason for that is solely because I felt it might be just a little rude to take photos of people sitting there eating burgers….

The front part of the restaurant, although there’s also an external dining area outside. Customers order at the counter (well I think they do, I certainly did, although they might just have been humouring me) and the service was engaging and helpful. Although I keep putting that it probably isn’t necessary, as service in Poland that isn’t engaging and helpful is incredibly rare in my experience.

There were a few beer options, but I went with the generic Perła and it tastes fine. It was served nice and cool, which I needed given how irritatingly hot it currently is in Poland. It shouldn’t be this hot in September….

The mango and onion burger, with bacon, cheese and lettuce. The burgers are cooked to be well done, but it was still juicy with a meaty flavour. The other ingredients added some texture, and the bacon was especially tasty. They go with the option of chips rather than fries, and they had a nice and crispy exterior.

The burger, chips and beer costs just over the equivalent of £5, which is competitive given that the restaurant is centrally located and is in a modern venue. Growing pains must be a problem for this chain given how many outlets are opening in such a short period of time, but I think it’s remaining true to its roots.