Olsztyn – House Cafe

House Cafe is a modern style coffee shop which is located on the main market square, and is particularly well reviewed. So it seemed worth just having a visit for research purposes.

I never have a clue whether a cafe is table service or order at the counter, but I think I guessed correctly with this one. I ordered at the counter, and I liked the very clear signage so that it wasn’t a guessing game of the options that were available. The service was efficient and friendly and I liked the relaxed atmosphere that the cafe had.

The cakes looked rather appetising. I went for the chocolate cake with raspberries, although it was a close call as the meringue at the top looked equally appealing. I realised later that the meringue is the cafe’s speciality, so on reflection I should have ordered slices of both cakes. Sometimes research is onerous by its very nature….

The coffee had a rich and pleasant taste, whilst the cake portion was generous and it was moist and full of flavour. The coffee and cake was part of an offer which was around £3, very reasonable value given the quality and how pleasant the surroundings were.

The interior was warm and cosy, with a few people dotted around with laptops and seeming to use the cafe as their temporary working environment. They had made a good choice. The outside seating area at the front of the cafe was also modern looking and welcoming, but I wasn’t going to contend with wasps or other autumnal insects.

These chairs were inside the entrance door area of the cafe and I wasn’t quite sure whether they were decorative or whether customers were allowed to sit in them.