Norwich – Grosvenor Fish Bar

It’s a little bit of an omission that I haven’t written about this award winning chip shop before, since I’ve been coming here since 1997. Back then it was a very well run fish and chip shop, with a takeaway on the ground floor and a sit-down table service area downstairs which felt a little tired in terms of the decor. Then it modernised and the downstairs shut with the steps down closed off, although there was then limited seating available. As the popularity increased, Christian and Dwayne opened up the downstairs again and updated the look, and since then there have been two expansions in size to the cellar eating area. And a couple of years ago a new eat-in section was opened in the shop next door, along with customers being able to get their food brought over to the Bird Cage pub opposite if they wanted a drink with their chips.

In terms of customer service, this is continually way above average, and the location became really rather on-trend. There was talk of selling it, but that got put to one side and so the owners are staying put. For many years higher prices were resisted, although I have to say that the price of some items was starting to creep up before lockdown. Nonetheless the service, the product and the location remained excellent and so I’ve continued to visit when I can.

So, back to today. Obviously the talk of increased seating areas and sitting in the pub are a thing of the past, or at least, just for the moment. It’s a take-away service only, although the full menu is still being served. There were a queue of around seven people in front of me and a steady number of delivery orders were being processed.

I have to say, with no disrespect to this wonderful place, that the ordering process is a little muddled at the moment. Customers have to order at the counter area, then stand to one side, collect their food from the delivery area and then go back to the counter area to get condiments to put on the food (well they do if they want access to the full range of condiments). And of course, I got confused, because if anything isn’t made very clear to me I tend to get muddled up. Anyway, the service was as friendly as ever and everything seemed clean and tidy to meet the current requirements.

I would normally have something to accompany the chips, but it’s a cold day and I thought that chips would suffice. Medium chips come in at £2 which is towards the higher end of the scale compared to other chip shops in the city, but still seems entirely reasonable to me given the location and quality. I was pleased that the chipotle Tabasco sauce was available, although I didn’t have any today (not least because I tend to use quite a lot of it and that might have been obvious to the staff member, so I’ll wait until Dwayne is there and ask permission first) as I sufficed with that spice stuff (I can’t remember what it’s called, possibly Classic American Chip Spice). The chips were delicious as ever, no complaints there. They are cooked in beef dripping which is a problem for some customers, although if that’s what is required to make the food taste this good, I can see why they do it…..

Anyway, I will be back soon no doubt. All very lovely.

And a photo from September 2020, when it was warmer and we could sit outside. Battered sausage, chips and curry sauce, all equally lovely.