Norfolk GeoGuessr – New Series

Woooo, after a slight gap in proceedings, feeling that this blog needs even more variety of content (to achieve my dream of three readers), I’ve convinced my friend Liam to start on a new round of GeoGuessr locations. I haven’t got quite round to writing up the national one we did last year, that’s something else on my little list. The old series is here and I’ve done these with either Liam or Nathan (with the expeditions always being exciting and giving me something to write about). We did some national locations and Liam and I do have a national one to do at some stage that we’ve already drawn, but for this run we’re going to limit ourselves to Norfolk.

The aim is to travel to a random point in Norfolk which we generate on Geoguessr and then get there using public transport, before also visiting the nearest historic point of interest and the nearest pub. Potentially, we might visit a local restaurant of choice as well if there’s something appropriate in the area. We might get a location three metres from the King’s Head in Norwich, or we might get somewhere in Thetford Forest with snakes. The benefit is that Geoguessr uses Google Streetview to get its random locations, so it will be on a road of some kind and won’t be in the middle of a snake den.

When we get to the point we will draw the next location and it might occasionally be possible to immediately get there, but likely we’ll manage just one in each day. Especially if I decide that there are two pubs nearby to visit.

I doubt very little can go wrong with this plan….. We draw our first location tomorrow and hopefully will be able to visit a few this summer. I might even do a little bit of video, but don’t expect anything of any decent quality.