Peterborough – Blind Tiger


Richard and I tried to visit this bar in a previous trip to Peterborough, but due to some poor planning on our behalf it was about to close so I didn’t get chance to go in. However, in Peterborough on my own for the day, I saw their Untappd list of beers in advance and was suitably impressed.


An inviting and organised set-up, with the screen behind the bar showing the Untappd list of beers. The staff member was knowledgeable and welcoming, with me being the only customer amidst the Coronation excitement going on across Peterborough. In terms of the choice of beers here, this must be one of the best in Peterborough and it has been well curated.


The set-up is bright and informal, catering for a slightly younger audience and offering an extensive range of cocktails. It all feels on-trend and perhaps Richard would have enjoyed sitting on the swing benches.


I went for one half pint and two 1/3 pints. Starting on the right, that’s part of the Ultimate Bar Snacks range from Northern Monk, this one the Scampi Fries beer. The staff member said that it was like a Radler and he was right, but it was better than I anticipated with somewhat of a depth of flavour rather than just a taste similar to a shandy. It’s tacky, but to be fair, it wouldn’t be the first time that I’ve ordered a beer because it’s tacky.

The beer in the middle is from Three Hills Brewery, who produce some of the best stouts going, and was the Arctic Fruit Rice Pudding sour. This worked for me, I like rice pudding and the flavours didn’t disappoint.

It’s the beer on the left though that was the star of my little line-up, again from Three Hills and it’s the Summer Fruits Custard Crumble. The smell of this was like a fruit smoothie, it was thick, luscious and had a backdrop of custard flavour along with tastes of blackberries and blueberries. This was a complete delight, what a way to celebrate the Coronation.

It’s a well reviewed bar, which is unsurprising given the effort made to supply interesting and quirky beers, alongside a wider choice of drinks. It was closed off during my visit, but there’s a large cellar bar which is available to private groups, with some external seating. As an aside, I also got an Untappd badge for checking in here, not many places offer that, so perhaps I’ll revisit to get my second level of the Tiger Stripes badge. Very impressed.