GeoGuessr – Plough (Great Bentley)

This is part of the GEOGUESSR 1 series of posts.

We couldn’t not visit this pub, it’s just a few minutes walk away from Great Bentley railway station. The previous pub had been quite quiet, but this was a more lively affair and it felt as though it was a fun community pub which didn’t take itself too seriously.

The Plough is owned by Wellington Pub Company, which I have limited knowledge of, but I’m aware that they’re a large landlord who offer free of tie lease agreements to landlords. It’s a great shame for the entire licensed trade that there aren’t more companies which operate on these terms.

There were a couple of beer options from the Bishop Nick Brewery in Braintree, Essex. Just as an aside, that’s some really good branding from Bishop Nick Brewery, very on-trend. Slight downside, I thought that the real ale was slightly on the turn, although it was at the appropriate temperature. Nathan, who is our self-appointed beer connoisseur,  felt that it was just about acceptable, so we stuck with it. Actually, he was right (hopefully he won’t read that, although he probably will) and it was tolerable, perhaps it had lost a little flavour, but it still tasted fine.

There seemed to be some form of entertainment going on later on in the evening, but that was taking place after our train left. So, for the time we were there, we found a table in what I assume was about to become a stage. The service at the pub was efficient and friendly, with a relaxed and informal feel to the surroundings. All perfectly acceptable, I can imagine that this is a reliable local pub.