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Malta – South Eastern Region – Valletta – Wild Honey

Wild Honey is a small craft beer bar in the centre of Valletta and I think it’s fair to say that I liked this place. A lot.

Beers in the fridges, some really innovative choices there.

The staff member was personable and keen to make recommendations, and I was particularly excited when he suggested the Chocolate Cherry Yeti stout from the Great Divide Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado. The beer was excellent, at the appropriate temperature, slightly light on initial taste but with deep afternotes of chocolate and cherry. Which is good, as that’s what they’ve called the beer. Seeing this beer in Valletta was a delight, it must have been a right faff to get this here.

There are only around six tables inside, making it cosy and well, small.

There’s natural character in this bar, which the decor adds to. That’s the toilet to the right of the photo, neatly fitted into the very small space. Half of the tables were reserved when we visited, which was a mid-day evening in March, so I’m not sure how easy it is to get a seat during the warmer summer months. But, it’s in the heart of Valletta, so it’s easy enough to take a little stroll by and have a look.

Liam enjoying some drink outside that he would have liked the look of (well, the look of the pump clip). There were a few tables here, although with the slight caveat that smokers may set up shop nearby.

I was tempted to stay here for longer, and could have happily done so, but there were more craft beer bars to investigate….. It seems that they offer food judging from the reviews on-line, and it looks of a similar high quality to the beer.

The reviews on TripAdvisor are, quite rightly in my view, very positive, although one visitor must have made clear he was ready to leave a negative review:

“The two chaps who seemed to be running the place were less that obliging and we just left them with the undrinkable wine after a less than professional exchange once they got wind that we were likely to take the advice of the sticker they had in the window, and leave our impressions on ‘Tripadvisor’.”

Anyway, a marvellous bar which was quirky, authentic and which had excellent beer.