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Malta (South Eastern Region) – Valletta – L’Academia Cafe

Situated next to Burger King (which I had to resist) is this little cafe, which is located opposite to the modern Maltese parliament building. There’s an internal seating area, but I decided to sit outside amongst the 50 pigeons who were flapping about. Malta needs to do something with all these pigeons, move them to Sicily or something, they are a bit of a nuisance.

Quite a murky presentation of the latte, but it tasted fine with a decent flavour. Service was very efficient, indeed it was a bit quick, as the server came over with the menu, handed me it and then asked straight away what I wanted to eat. So given that I was panicked at what seemed to be an undue haste, I didn’t order anything from the printed menu (which had been my intention). However, I had already seem a lemon meringue pie in their display counter, so I thought I’d have that.

And I was happy with my choice, nicely presented and a lemon flavour, although it would have been tragic if it hadn’t…. All with a dollop of whipped cream, what more could anyone want? Well, a hot meal like I had planned, but the lemon meringue sufficed.

It’s a decent little location with affordable prices, especially given its central location near to the Parliament building and the central bus station. They’ve picked up some negative reviews recently, but I couldn’t find much negative about it. Other than the pigeons, but that’s not really their fault.