Malta – Malta International Airport – La Valette Club

Malta’s international airport only has one lounge in departures (there is another in arrivals, which I’ll go to next week) and it’s a clean and organised set-up. It’s one of those airport lounges which is easy to find, sometimes they seem to be like the toilets at Wetherspoons, at the back of beyond somewhere.

The staff member was friendly at reception although she asked if I had visited before and I said “no” and she then didn’t tell me anything about the lounge anyway, which seemed slightly bizarre. Anyway, there wasn’t much to really say about the lounge, it’s quite spacious and the food and drink options are pretty obvious. I didn’t opt for any alcohol, since it was before mid-day, but it was all self-pour and there were named brands available. The coffee was good too, and I didn’t break the coffee machine.

This photo is a bit washed out as the sun was shining in, but there’s a decent view over the tarmac.

There’s an area for those who wanted to recline, and there’s also an outside terrace for smokers, which I didn’t investigate for obvious reasons.

This is what I want to see, some cold meats and cheese. I didn’t bother with the fruit, but I’m sure that it was lovely.

The pea cakes on the left were very moreish, as can be evidenced with the knowledge that I had seven of them.

Muffins and cakes, which were perfectly acceptable.

All in all, a perfectly nice lounge, and I look forwards to another visit there. Everything was clean, the staff were polite and the food and drink met my expectations.