Malta – Gozo – Victoria – Gran Castello Historic House

Formerly known as the Folklore Museum, this museum is formed from several former residential properties in the Cittadella. The properties would have been for the more wealthy local residents and were rather grand townhouses. They were merged together to form a museum in 1983 and there are displays about various trades and skills.

Graffiti on one of the walls, 1848 if my knowledge of Roman numerals works out…

The view over the rear gardens.

A view of the rear of one of the properties.

Some, er, equipment.

Clothing as it might have appeared in the eighteenth century.

I can’t disagree that there are a lot of stairs in the buildings, but I’m intrigued as to what on earth this person thought that the museum could do about it. I suppose they could have demolished the buildings and constructed a new one without stairs. This must be one of the few properties that Heritage Malta have where putting a lift in would be next to impossible and they’d also likely need to put three lifts in.

I’m not overly engaged by folklore museums, but this location had the advantage that it was located within an interesting building with plenty of history of its own. The museum is well laid out and tries to tell the story of how people lived and worked in Gozo over the centuries. It was a bigger museum than I had expected as well, with plenty of hidden corners to explore around the buildings.