MaltaMalta (Northern Region)

Malta – Northern Region – St. Martin’s Cave

I didn’t expect to find this cave, it wasn’t marked on my map and I was just walking by it. It was originally a Punic-Roman burial tomb, although it has also been used for human habitation. It was turned into a grotto in 1931 and remains in use for religious services. Fortunately there is a sign explaining this, otherwise I’d have found the site just a little confusing.

The entrance to the cave, with a seating area.

There was someone using the site for contemplation, so I didn’t disturb him by wandering around getting in the way as it wasn’t really large enough to do that. Such is the delight of Malta though, caves and religious sites such as this are commonplace. Apparently they set up a Christmas crib scene during the festive period, and I can see that the location is appropriate for that.