MaltaMalta (Northern Region)

Malta (Northern Region) – Cave of the Galley (Xemxija)

This is a troglodyte dwelling which was used until relatively recently as living accommodation. It was though originally a prehistoric tomb which was repurposed over the centuries, and it’s tall enough to stand up easily in.

There’s quite a substantial stone entrance which has been added at some time. Always good to give a positive first impression to any visitors.

The name ‘cave of the galley’ is because of this carving into the stone on the door jamb, but a date can’t accurately be given. I like the thought that it has something to do with the country’s Great Siege, but it could have been pirates, shipwrecks or any other number of other things.

Inside the cave.

I noticed this crack in the wall so I thought that I’d end my cave exploration. I’d have been bloody irritated though if the cave had collapsed when I was in it after it had been there for over 3,000 years.