Luxembourg – Battin Gambrinus

Since I’m in the airport lounge for nine hours due to a flight cancellation, I thought that I’d at least inspect the quality of some of the beers. Usually my flight leaves at 11:35 and so I don’t pay much attention to the alcohol selection.

And this is the Battin Gambrinus, which was founded in the Luxembourg city of Esch-Alzette in 1937. I read the on-line reviews of this beer before trying it, and since they’re frankly pretty poor my expectations were low. I have the useful (well, arguably not useful at all) advantage here of not really knowing much about beer, so my views are frequently out of sync with everyone else’s….

But, anyway, I quite like this beer, which is a pale lager. It’s a bit watery and not my normal type of beer, but there’s a lingering malty flavour which I quite like. Not as good as eating eight packs of Maltesers, but interesting nonetheless. All very acceptable and the beer is 5.2% ABV and is just 180 calories.