Esch-sur-Alzette – Café Casablanca

En route to the country’s National Resistance Museum I decided that it was too hot to walk any further without a drink. So, this cafe looked a suitable stopping point.

So this became the mobile office for an hour or so…..

The alcohol menu, but searing heat and alcohol don’t in my mind really mix. I settled for just having a coffee, which I was pleased to discover was €2.80. I was pleased to discover this as I only had €2.80 in change and normally things don’t work out quite as well as that.

The latte, which was perfectly acceptable and was at the temperature that I like, which isn’t so hot that I can’t drink it for three hours. And it came with a biscuit, the hallmark of a decent coffee (I’m easily pleased).

I don’t really like sitting outside usually, as I’m usually attacked by insects, street sellers and dogs. There’s the other disadvantage of smokers, who effectively have a monopoly on the outside area. So, typically, of all the seats that a smoker could have sat at, they choose to sit next to me. They seemed more confused than irritated when I subtly managed to move five tables along. I say subtly, but it’s a hard action to hide.

Anyway, other than for the continental love of outdoor smoking, which seems common in Luxembourg, this was a pleasant place to spend an hour. There was a slight breeze coming down the road to help keep me cool, although the temperature is still far higher than I’d want it to be.