Louisville – The Home of KFC


Louisville is the home of KFC and so I felt that I had no choice but to visit one of their restaurants. This also represented the first time that I have had Kentucky Fried Chicken in the state of Kentucky, so I had high expectations.

Irritatingly, given that Louisville is the home of KFC, they have very few restaurants actually in the city centre. They actually don’t really have any, other than the outlet at the YUM stadium which is only open during events, although there a lot in the outlying areas of Louisville. The nearest outlet that they have is on West Broadway which is only a short walk from the city centre, so I decided that this would do.

I hadn’t thought of Colonel Sanders as a celebrity chef, but it seems a fair point.

I watched as nearly everyone in the queue in front of me ordered the chicken pot pie. So, not being one to ignore local knowledge, I thought that this was the best option. The pie pastry appears to replace the need for fries and instead there’s a biscuit provided with the meal. I think I’d rather have fries, but I have to make concessions during these expeditions into fine dining….

Anyway, the pot pie was excellent, as there was lots of chicken, a pleasant creamy sauce and the pastry was slightly flaky (in a good way, as this phrase could also mean in a bad way…..). It came as part of a $5 offer which included a drink, so all reasonably priced.

There were also a succession of tourists to the area who came in to take photos (of the restaurant, not me) and I imagine some of them were experiencing their first KFC in Kentucky. OK, to the locals this is probably not particularly exciting, but there is a certain charm in finally eating KFC in its home territory.