Louisville – The Pointless Walk to Indiana

I have a plan to visit every state in the United States of America (I’m up to around thirty now), and so it’s enormously tempting when I see a state border to go and cross it. I did that by walking into Arkansas and when I was in Louisville, it was possible to walk into Indiana.

This walk can be done by using the footpath on the Clark Memorial Bridge, named after George Rogers Clark. The bridge was constructed in 1928 and was initially tolled, although these charges were removed in 1946 when the cost of construction had been paid off.

The downside to this expedition was that it was raining heavily and, being January, it was cold. The cold wasn’t of concern to me, but the rain wasn’t ideal. And, for some irritating historic reason, the border between Kentucky and Indiana isn’t in the middle of the river, it’s on the Indiana side of the bridge. So that meant I’d have to walk across the entire bridge, and then walk straight back. Such an expedition made no sense. So, based on that, I did it anyway.

There are weight limits for pedestrians….

On the bridge, which for most of its length had a defined footpath.

Looking back to the Kentucky side of the Ohio River, which is much more built up than the Indiana side.

And I reached Indiana, so I can tick that state off my list. Obviously it’s hard to really judge a state by walking three feet into it, so I’ll have to return to visit properly. But for the moment, I can tick the box for having visited another a state. I did think that it was just me that did this sort of thing, but I’ve found that quite a few other travellers do, which makes me feel better about this sort of stupidity.